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  • From Afar — Studioalbum von Ensiferum Veröffentlichungen 16. September 2009 in Finnland 11. September 2009 in Deutschland Label …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • From Afar — Студийный ал …   Википедия

  • Afar Region — Afar is one of the nine ethnic divisions ( kililoch ) of Ethiopia, and is the homeland of the Afar people. Formerly known as Region 2, its current capital is Asayita; a new capital named Semera on the paved Awash Asseb highway is under… …   Wikipedia

  • From Afar Into Hiding — Сингл Ensiferum Дата выпуска …   Википедия

  • From Afar (сингл) — From Afar Into Hiding …   Википедия

  • from afar — from a great distance Their fans come from afar [=from far away] to watch them play. the Earth as it is seen/viewed from afar He loved/worshipped/admired her from afar. [=without telling her] • • • Main Entry: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Afar — A*far , adv. [Pref. a (for on or of) + far.] At, to, or from a great distance; far away; often used with from preceding, or off following; as, he was seen from afar; I saw him afar off. [1913 Webster] The steep where Fame s proud temple shines… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • From Afar — Album par Ensiferum Sortie 9 septembre 2009 Durée 56:34 Genre Folk metal Viking metal Producteur Tero Kinnunen Janne Joutsenniemi Hiili Hiilesmaa Label …   Wikipédia en Français

  • From an Abandoned Work — a “ for radio” [ The Faber Companion to Samuel Beckett , p 213] by Samuel Beckett, was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s Third Programme on Saturday 14th December 1957 along with a selection from Molloy. Donald McWhinnie, who had already had a gr …   Wikipedia

  • From — (fr[o^]m), prep. [AS. fram, from; akin to OS. fram out, OHG. & Icel. fram forward, Sw. fram, Dan. frem, Goth. fram from, prob. akin to E. forth. ?202. Cf. {Fro}, {Foremost}.] Out of the neighborhood of; lessening or losing proximity to; leaving… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • afar — [ə fär′] adv. [ME a ferr < a, on + feor, far] Archaic at or to a distance at or to a distance from afar from a distance …   English World dictionary

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